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Emergency Care

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Changes to Romeo Pet Hospital Emergency Services


Veterinary Emergencies


  • We recommend to all clients that if you have a true veterinary emergency, you proceed directly to the London Regional Veterinary Emergency Clinic located at 41 Adelaide St. N, London, phone number 519-432-3300.  
  • They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are fully staffed and equipped to handle most emergencies, especially those requiring radiographs, bloodwork, surgery and/or ICU care.
  • Their emergency fee is currently only $89


Local Veterinary Emergency Service


  • Romeo Pet Hospital belongs to a larger Emergency Service Group, with 3 other veterinary clinics that will alternate emergency coverage on weekends.
  • The emergency fee to be have your pet examined at one of these 5 clinics is $175
  • Service will only be extended until 10pm, after which you will be directed to the London Regional Veterinary Emergency Clinic.
  • If you call Romeo Pet Hospital after hours and we are not covering emergencies for that day, you will be redirected to a central answering service who will page the appropriate veterinarian.
  • The other clinics you may be asked to visit are Coventry Animal Hospital (Stratford), Mitchell Veterinary Services (Mitchell), or Seaforth Veterinary Services (Seaforth). 
  • Please note:  Even if you prefer for your pet to be seen by a local vet instead of going to the London Emergency Clinic, there may be cases or conditions under which we still refer you to London, as we do not have the after hours staff to provide ICU care or to safely do extensive surgeries.

Non Urgent Advice Calls


  • Please consider holding your non-urgent questions until regular business hours
  • If you don’t want to wait, please note you may be charged $30 for after hours veterinary phone advice
  • We will no longer take non-urgent advice calls after 10pm.