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Emergency Care

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Changes to Romeo Pet Hospital Emergency Services


Veterinary Emergencies


  • We recommend to all clients that if you have a true veterinary emergency, you proceed directly to the London Regional Veterinary Emergency Clinic located at 41 Adelaide St. N, London, phone number 519-432-3300.  
  • They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are fully staffed and equipped to handle most emergencies, especially those requiring radiographs, bloodwork, surgery and/or ICU care.


  • The Emergency Vet Clinic of the Waterloo Region is also available, at 401 Maple Grove Rd #14, Cambridge, phone number 519-650-1617


Local Veterinary Emergency Service


  • The local veterinary group that provided emergency care in our area is no longer able to provide after hours service
  • This change comes for several reasons, including but not limited to concerns of staff safety after hours, difficulties in finding available staff to assist in after hours care, concerns about ongoing stress for staff members providing after hours service, concerns that adequate care can not be given in true emergency situations when the clinic does not have full staff available, and frustration with abuse of the after hours service by some pet owners
  • When veterinarians initially provided after hours care it was because there were no other options for pet owners, and it's use was limited to true emergencies that could not wait.  Now, unfortunately, most of our after hours time is spent dealing with non-emergent issues that should have been dealt with during opening hours.
  • We recommend you taking some time to consider how you would handle an emergency for your pet so that in the off chance you find yourselves needing after hours care you will be prepared.  If you have major concerns about travel out of town please talk to us about your concerns.
  • We are still very committed to providing timely and compassionate end of life care with after hours home euthanasia still available if arranged in advance for pets of clients in good standing.