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Feline Premium Wellness

Feline Premium Wellness Plan

Most Complete Care for Healthy Cats

Offering Wellness Plans that bundle multiple recommended veterinary services allows us to provide for the care of your cat in a way that is affordable, and with payments that are convenient to you.

Feline Premium Wellness Plan Benefits:

  • Cost Savings of at least $120 compared to regular priced services 
  • 0% Financing for 11 months
  • Easy Monthly Payments
  • Dental Exam and Cleaning with Full Mouth Radiographs
  • Premium Preventive Health Care
  • Yearly, Renewable Contract
  • PLUS MORE SAVINGS with 5 Additional Free Exams AND a 10% Discount on Pet Food and supplements sold at the clinic or on our on-line Webstore
Feline Premium Wellness Plan Features:
  • Annual Wellness Examination with a Complete Physical Exam
  • Mid year examination with a Complete Physical Exam
  • Recommended Vaccines as per their normal schedule (including Rabies, FVRCP, and Feline Leukemia)
  • Wellness Bloodwork including blood collection
  • Dental Cleaning and Examination (including general anaesthetic, anaesthetic recovery care, and IV fluids)
  • Full Mouth Dental Radiographs - the only way to truly identify tooth health under the gums
  • Comprehensive Fecal Exam
  • Additional Complimentary Examinations or Consultations to be used throughout the year at owner discretion
  •  10% Discount on all Cat Food and Retail Items sold at Romeo Pet Hospital for 1 year