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Laser Therapy adn Acupuncture

Laser Therapy and Accupuncture

Romeo Pet Hospital is a Certified K-Laser Provider

Our Cube 4 Performance K-Laser is an FDA cleared therapeutic treatment that helps manage pain and inflammation while accelerating tissue healing.  

Laser Therapy works in many ways, but a simplified explanation is that laser energy increases circulation to the treated area, which draws water, oxygen, and nutrients to help heal the damaged cells, while also reducing inflammation, pain, and swelling.

We have added Laser Therapy to our practice because we would like to provide a safe and effective, drug free alternative for patient comfort and healing.

Please call to talk to one of our knowledgeable team members to see if Laser Therapy is a good option for your pet.

For more information visit the KLaser website: http://www.myklaserpet.com 

Dr. Gillies is Certified in Animal Acupunture

Dr. Leesa Gillies has been trained in Western Veterinary Acupuncture and can use acupuncture to aid in the treatment of myofascial pain, and to aid in the treatment of common problems such as constipation or urinary concerns.

Acupuncture works through the nervous system. The needles block the pain messages and encourage the brain and central nervous system to produce more of the body’s natural painkillers. In conditions that are not painful, acupuncture may help to reset the body’s normal functioning.


Most of the time animals accept the fine needles very well and often become relaxed and sleepy during the treatment. Often they appear to look forward to the next treatment when they come back to the practice.