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Parasite Prevention

Emerging Parasitic Risks

In addition to the "old regulars" such as roundworm, heartworm, hookworm, whipworm, and fleas, we are now talking a lot about the threat of ticks and the diseases they can carry, such as Lyme Disease; and the emerging, reportable parasite Echinococcus multilocularis, a tapeworm spread in the environment by coyotes and foxes.  

We have several new products available that can help reduce the risks that ticks can bring, in addition to the standard products we've always carried.  Please call us at 519-272-2100 so we can help you determine the risk that ticks pose to your pets, and to discuss which product will best cover those risks.

Many parasites are zoonotic agents.

What is zoonosis?

Zoonosis is an infectious disease that can be transmitted from pets to people, and vice versa.  Regular veterinary visits, preventative vaccinations and medications, and good hygiene can go a long way in helping to prevent disease!

Some of the common parasites that animals, especially kittens and puppies, get include hookworm infections, roundworm infections and tapeworm infections. 

For more information on common zoonosis, clinical symptoms, how they are transmitted and how to treat and prevent disease schedule an appointment to talk with your veterinarian.

Make sure your family is protected!