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Wellness Exams

Physical Examination

One of the best ways to keep your pet healthy is to have an annual physical exam.

Your veterinarian will perform a thorough physical examination of your pet to listen, look and feel for any subtle changes in their physical health.  As animals grow older, they become more susceptible to developing health problems, many of which can be managed through simple changes in diet and lifestyle.   

Vaccination for your pet

Vaccination is the ultimate prevention!

Vaccines are designed to give an individual's immune system a memory. If our white cells remember an invader like a virus or a bacteria, the chances of that organism causing trouble in the future is greatly reduced. Our clinic vaccinates according to disease risk. Because of this approach, your animal's vaccines can be tailored to your animal's health and lifestyle.

If your dog is unable to be vaccinated due to illness, age, or previous reactions, please talk to us about the new $49 titre test that is available at Romeo Pet Hospital to test your dog's immunity to Distemper, Parvovirus and Hepatitis. 

We especially recommend titre testing: 

1. To see if your puppy is protected from the often fatal Parvovirus infection

2.  To see if your healthy adult needs requires further DHP vaccination after it's initial series

3.  To assess immunity in senior dogs as their immune system starts to become less effective.

4.  To see if your dog with chronic illness, on chronic medications, requires further DHP vaccinations.

5.  To assess immunity in dogs that have had reactions to vaccination in the past.

Wellness Testing

Wellness testing helps us keep healthy pets healthier for longer!

Wellness testing allows us to identify organ insufficiencies and diseases early on. A simple change in diet, the addition of a supplement or the right medication can often be enough to slow down, stop or even reverse existing damage well before your pet is noticeably sick.